RCN and Roteract

      Rotary in action is Rotaract.
      Rotaract club brings together different college students to exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and have fun through different activities and awareness programs conducted throughout the year.

Activities planned for this year are :-

1. Health awareness
2. Ways to increase economy
3. Environment awareness
4. Helping hands during COVID-19
5. Blood donation camp
6. Cultural youth fest which includes all co-curricular activities like singing,dancing,drama , debate and much more.

Colleges affiliated with Rotary club of Nashik are:

1) CMCS College
2) HPT Tourism College
3) MSG Nursing College
4) MSG College of pharmacy
5) YCMOU(BSc and BBA)
7) JDC Bytco IMSR
8) MGVs Pharmacy college