We provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.


Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.


RCN Club Awards 2023-2024 (Dated: 29/06/2024))

Nashik Bhushan & Rotary Bhushan Purskar 2023-24 (08/06/2024)

Unlock your potential with numbers (21 May 2024))

Global Grant Project - Refrigerated Centrifuge (11/05/2024)

RCN Young Achievers Award - (07/05/2024)

Art Therapy for Happy & Healthy Life By- Sonali Joshi (30/04/2024)

Atmanirbhar Bharat By - Mr. Pradeep Peshkar (16/04/2024)

Imparting Knowledge on Computer Skills

Ghanvan (Miyawaki) forest plantation

Karseva 1990-1992 Anubhav Kathan

Wanna Lose Weight with Protein Diet By - Dr. Himani Puri

Rotary Jeevan Gaurav Award 2024 to Shri.Chandulal Shah on the occasion of Patrakar Din

सुरक्षित गुंतवणूकीतील धोके व ते टाळण्यासाठी घ्यावायची काळजी - कांतीलाल तातेड (सुप्रसिद्ध अर्थतज्ञ) (12 Dec 2023)

Rapid Blood Donation Drive By RCN with Jankalyan Blood Bank Nasik (Dated: 3 Dec 2023))

Vidnyannishta Samarth Ramdas One Day Workshop (Dated: 3 Dec 2023))